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Galand Nuchols

Galand Nuchols Ms. Nuchols was raised on a small farm in Southern Illinois where she rode horses, drove tractors, fed chickens and gathered eggs from belligerent hens. She feels she enjoyed a life different than many children experience today. Galand taught in public schools for twenty-two years specializing in reading and special education. She discovered her love of writing during that time and retired to write novels and short stories for children and young adults. Galand Nuchols has many loves: her family, her pets, reading, writing, travel, and volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity to name a few. Ms. Nuchols’ favorite genres of reading material include science fiction, historical fiction, and romance. She believes we should never stop examining new or different attitudes and learning new things. She loves research and includes bits and pieces of trivia facts in her own stories.