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March 2020 Speaker

Join NETWO at Herschel's in Mt. Pleasant at 6:00 pm for Skip Hughes: Why fiction authors should read poetry

SKIP HUGHES recently moved to Northeast Texas, having lived in Indiana for seven years. He was a long-time member and past-president of NETWO. Skip moved to Indiana following the death of his wife Lynne Anne, who also was a member. He has only recently returned to stay, in part to once more be active in NETWO.
Skip has published one book of poetry, entitled "Chuckleberry Chutney," and has a privately printed chapbook, "A Pot of Message." He is working on a book-length poem, "The Odyssey of Thomas Hodgie."
Skip lays absolute claim to fame upon one interesting fact. He has attended graduate school, on campus, at a major state university in every U.S. state beginning with "O," all in different subjects and in reverse alphabetical order. These educational excursions resulted in one M.A., and an almost Ph.D. He has taught various subjects at five different colleges and universities, including NTCC.

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