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Tracey Mitchell

Tracey Mitchell is a published author of, Downside Up, Becoming Brave and The Invitation, Executive producer and co-host of Life From DFW, Vice President of CWIMA and CEO of The Winning Woman, a ministry-based consulting firm.

She also serves as CEO of The Winning Woman, a ministry based consulting firm.

Executive Producers of Life from DFW, Tracey and her husband, Robby, reach millions via satellite, cable television, and internet. A veteran in the television industry, Tracey has compiled over 20+ years of on-air work and is the Vice-President of Women in Christian Media, an international non-profit organization.

Programmer and guest appearances on media outlets include:

TBN, Daystar, Lesea Broadcasting, TCT Television, VTN Network, CTN Network, Cornerstone Television, Lamb Broadcasting, Channel 57 Atlanta, WACT TV

As Founder& CEO of the THRIVE Conference – Dallas, TX, Tracey’s Bi-Annual Conference trains and equips leaders and entrepreneurs.

In 2016, Tracey was nominated for Texas Woman of Excellence. In 2015 she was the presented with the “Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Award” bestowed by the GSWB Chamber of Commerce. In2008 she awarded “The Excellence in Communications Award”, given by Women in Media. In 2006 she received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity Degree.