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Winter Wonders
Kalani (Winter) Wonder has much bigger plans than being a local news anchor. National plans...maybe even international. She certainly won't be stuck in Cornelius Cove, California for the rest of her life. She's going places--faraway places, grand places she's only dreamed of so far. Then her brother's little puddle-jumper plane crashes in the Cambria pines, leaving them stuck in lovely old fishing lodge with a strange lady who has a knack for making Winter's mind go places it doesn't want to go. Places like Heaven, and God...and love.Brady Merckle leads a quiet life, far from the one he led as a youth--and he likes things just the way they are. Then Winter Wonder lands in Cambria, and Brady can't help enjoying her company. But she's a driven, determined journalist, and the last thing Brady needs is for some over-curious reporter to dig up his past. He'd best stay a whole village away from Winter.But then the saucy visitor extends her stay, and Miss Angie suddenly decides to spruce up the lodge...using Brady's plentiful brawn. He and Winter find themselves thrown unrelentingly together. Winter has landed, and a Miracle is about to happen.

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