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The Treasure Hunt Club
“What is the Lost Treasure which you seek?” Nick Hollister’s luck usually ran only one way—bad. At thirty-two, his life was a disappointment, nothing but a series of dead-end jobs, poor decisions, and broken relationships. One especially bad day, Nick manages to lose his job, his girlfriend, and even gets beaten up. While on a road trip to get away from it all, he discovers a book hidden within the frame of a cheap painting he bought from Hank Harper, the dwarf-sized and eccentric owner of an unusual antique shop. This mystical book, The Book of Lost Treasures, proves to be able to find the location of anything lost. Nick quickly realizes the book’s potential, and with a group of friends, forms The Treasure Hunt Club. He meets and falls in love with Abby Summers, and together with his friends, they engage in a cross-country trek to recover lost rare and valuable items. In a short period of time, Nick, Abby, and the rest of the Club members are wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Good times and easy living stretch as far as the eye can see. And that’s when their troubles begin…

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