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Eddy Turner has no hair anywhere on his body; no eye lashes, no eyebrows, not a single hair on his head. He has been the target of jokes, bullies, and physical abuse from his classmates and his obnoxious stepfather for years. Eddy has two talents, empathy, the ability to sense others' emotions, and telekinesis, the ability to move objects using only his mind. The emergence of the second talent, one he can't control, turns his and his mother's world upside-down. Strangers enter their lives, supposedly to help them, but Eddy wonders if they are being kidnapped or will be made into slaves. And what about the strange man calling himself Grandpa Blue? Then there is the secret ranch in Colorado they are being taken to. What does it all mean? Can Eddy learn to trust these men, or should he try to escape? If he chooses to escape, can he leave his mother behind? There are choices and consequences, and he must make a decision.

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