Hotshot Romance
When a survivor of domestic abuse and a bitter contract driver with a painful past join a hot shot company, they think they've found the perfect way to hide from life. But when love steps in, they realize they cannot hide from God's plans. Jill thought she had it figured out. Quit her job, hit the road as a hot shot driver delivering RVs across the country and lay low. No bills. No home. No way to be found. With each step she tells herself that God is leading in her life though sometimes at night she wonders. When she is partnered with a taciturn driver with a reputation for violence on her first load, Jill fears the worst. However, during the trip, God begins to work in King's life. Jill is amazed by and attracted to the southern gentleman under that gruff exterior. Soon her heart is entwined with his and she begins to dream of a future without fear. Events on the road send her perfectly laid plans hydroplaning out of control. Jill makes choices that take her away from King and into a place where danger strikes from the most unexpected of places.